You need a Website: What can you expect?


Before we can get started designing the website, we need to collect all existing brand materials, sign contracts and get the first 50% of the deposit paid.



After you’re all booked in and ready to go, I’ll get straight to work on picking your brain. First I’ll provide questionnaires which you will need to fill out thoroughly so I can really get a good idea of your target audience and goals for your business. We’ll also discuss other brands you are drawn to or other pieces of inspiration that may be helpful to the branding and web design process. On top of that, I will conduct industry research to check out your competition and to get a really good idea of the market.
A crucial part of Step One is collecting content from you. This includes for each page; all copy, all images you want to include, your preferred call to actions, shop items and descriptions, specific layout requests etc. (My job is to take all of your awesome content and make it look great!). Only after I have all of this information can I start creating your dream website




After the initial design, the client will be asked to review and approve/request edits. Please allow a 24-48 hour review period and be as thorough as possible with your edits. The designer will schedule a phone or video call to review before additional edits are made to the website.

This step’s big, but a fun one! Once we have finished creating a solid foundation for your website design, I’ll get straight to work creating custom graphics and building your site! Your website will encompass everything we worked on in the first 2 steps and is based on all of the framework information and content you provided. The design will reflect the same style and vibe as the initial moodboard and your branding style board. The amount of pages and extent of content depends on our initial agreement. (2 rounds of revisions).



The home stretch! At this point in the website process, all design elements are confirmed by both the client and the designer. Edits should be made only if they affect the usability of the website (i.e. buttons, links, font size). Further edits beyond this round will be billed separately.



We made it! This is the best part, where I deliver the final versions of everything we have worked so hard on over the last few of weeks. You’ll receive your full branding style guide which includes: Your fully colorized logo, your black and white logo, any alternative logos, a personalized favicon for your website, your custom font combinations and color palette, any signature patterns, textures and photos that can be used in your branding. You will receive all individual high res files via DropBox.
Depending on how tech savvy you are, I will either have a one on one live tutorial with you, or I will send you a few simple tutorial slides on how to operate your new website! Once you’re comfortable with making changes to your new website, we’re ready to launch! Your brand new website will officially be live!

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