Life Lessons from Dobby

Hopefully, we have all experienced love for and from a childhood pet or animal of some kind. The nights they snuggle with you, listening to them purr, playing fetch outside. The way they look at you, in such appreciation for your time and love.

As many of you know, my cat, Dobby, has been my saving grace more times than once in the past 2 years. We rescued him from our neighbors who brutally kicked….and I do mean kicked….him out of their house as a baby. I swore he wasn’t staying (famous last words), but here he is. My center.

We joke that Dobby is a meth baby, he has deformed teeth, and due to that he slobbers all over you like a St. Bernard! He has lots of health issues but he is never cranky, hateful or mean. He is the purest form of love and light that I know.

As I sat here today holding him, listening to the rain, reflecting back on other pets, kids, and memories….a thought came to me about the things that he has taught me.

Dobby’s lesson for me today was that he loves no matter WHO or WHAT I am. I am not Native or White to him. I am not rich or poor. He cares not if I am Christian, Buddhist or Muslim. If I am fat or skinny, makes no difference to him. He sees no color, race, gender, status….he only wants affection (and food) and gives affection in multitudes over.


He has let me hold him as I have cried, laughed and through illness. Pouring out comfort in every way.

Greeting me as I come home, eager for attention…and food! Thankful for saving him, keeping him, loving him.

Through all the kids that have come and gone in my life over the past few years, he has slimed then all with his slobber. Rubbed on all the noses and shoes he can find. Roofied all in the house with his magical hot paws that put you to sleep instantly! Snuggled with the sick. Loved on the ones who cried. And even played fetch with his otter skins and all the lost hair ties.

What Dobby has taught me today is that love has no color, number, age, gender, species, or limits. Love is love. And you can see that in its purest form in an animals eyes.


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