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Hi guys, Carrie Silverhorn here, with Dream Keeper Designs; and I’m going to be doing a series of videos for you with my Creative Guidance Program, entitled Inside Creations.

And I really wanted to just talk to the small business owners and to the everyday person who deals with anything for printing.
I feel like there’s a lot of groups and help and assistance when it comes to designers helping other designers, and consultants helping small business owners and social media marketing and that sort of thing, but there’s really not a whole lot of assistance when it comes to explaining the print industry or the design industry or what you should expect as a small business owner

There’s a line in Philadelphia, from Denzel Washington, he says, “Explain this to me like I’m a five year old.”

I use this quite a bit when dealing with myself, anyway. So what I’m going to do is start very, very basic so if you know this stuff just blow past it; if you don’t please pay attention and it’s going to compound onto the other videos I’m going to be doing.
So I’m going to be referencing back to this, but anyone who’s ever done any type of ordering from a printer or designer or anything like that, and doesn’t understand, Why does this take so long? Why is this so expensive? Why does this person charge $350 and this person charges $39? So these types of things are going to get cleared up a little bit, I hope.
If you have any direct questions, I’d be happy to answer those.
So let’s go ahead and get started.
What I wanted to talk to you about today was resolutions, not like New Year’s Resolutions, but like printing. Everything we do has a resolution to it, like a value. So, your monitor, your phone, anykind of backlit screen has what we call a 72 dpi. Which is 72 dot per inch and I have a little display here that I’m going to go ahead and show you. This is what it looks like in your monitor that has 72 dots per inch.
So this a 72 dpi that you’re seeing this on; when we go to print we print in 300 dpi.

Now here is the misconception, when we go to print, we can’t make something that has 72 dots have automatically 300 dots. If it has 72 dots that make up the image, then it has 72 dots. A lot of times people get very confused, ‘Well why can’t you make this look better?’ or ‘well it started off as a bad picture’ or something of that nature. We can’t make something that is of low quality or low resolution, just automatically a higher quality.
So a lot of times the misconception is of, if you pull something off my Facebook, it looks fine on screen then I don’t understand how come it can’t print or why it looks bad on my brochure or my website. Well, what your pulling and giving us looks like this little Atari-Minecraft baby here, it is 72 dots and we need the pristine quality in order to print at 300, so this is a giant misconception a lot of time because it’s visually confusing because it looks fine when we’re looking at it online or on your phone or that sort of thing.

Another thing is that, if you have a small picture that was originally a 5×6 and you want it blown up to a giant poster size. You’re taking something that had very small constraints and trying to blow it up into very large constraints. Which is going to basically make all these little squares stretch and just make bigger, uglier squares. So, it usually does not work.
This is one of the misconceptions, whenever we do any type of a logo or branding a professional designer will do this in a vector program and that’s like Corel, Illustrator, those types of programs. Basically, a vector is a lined-shape that has connecting points and this will be able to contract and expand just like a rubber band. You can make this as big as a billboard or you can make it small enough to fit on a business card.

Whenever you buy a logo online, you’re buying the picture of that logo. So once again what you end up getting is the dots or the squares, so that’s why this one is $39 and this one is $300 or whatever the case may be.
Because this one, can be used for ANYTHING. It can be manipulated, it can be changed colors, it can be re-sized and it will not lose its quality or its shape at all.

This has to be redrawn by everyone who works on it, so that becomes very time consuming, it has to be done on a software that is very expensive to operate and own, has to be licensed software.
Those are some of the misconceptions that I believe clients are dealing with a designer and they don’t understand why this is pricey or why this takes so long or how come I can’t have it tomorrow or that sort of thing.
No one has actually taken the time to sit down and just explain to you, This is Why…and that’s what I hope to achieve and I hope this is helpful and I you have any questions I would be happy to answer those and you can leave those below or you can email me at
I’ll see you next week, bye bye!

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