While on my own journey of self-improvement, I saw a need to track all the important things in one place. All the tidbits for mindset, body, even spiritual and motivational. So I created the Dream Keeper Journal. For use for all ages, religions, backgrounds, unisex, and practical. 

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The Complete System

There is a place for everything in this journal. We have taken months to prepare and gather information that could help someone on their own path, no matter where in their journey they are at.

We made the Dream Keeper super economical in size and shape.

  • 6x9 (15.24cm x 22.86cm) - Small Enough To carry daily!
  • Less than 1lb  (0.454 kg) - Lightweight!
  • 138 pages - Super Thin!

Ready to make that change?

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." - Tony Robbins

What's Included

The big "EFF" YOU Page.

Starting off a journal with an "Eff" you page may seem odd, but it has its purpose. The technique called release writing or dumping is highly cathartic and will allow you to get rid of any blocks holding you back each and every month.


Part of keeping your sanity, clarity and drive is also knowing where your money is going. There is no greater fear than not knowing if you can get groceries, put gas in a car, or put money into starting a business….let alone save money! So we write it down. Every dollar has a place and a thing assigned to it.

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For me, this part is HUGE. Learning is what got me to this place, to begin with. So I have intentionally carved out a 30-minute window for you to read a book, listen to an audio book, listen to a podcast, or take a class. Something that continues to fan the flame of your creativity.

Affirmations, Inspiration

Positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, and sayings make up the beginning and middle of each day. Covering all options and honoring as many great minds and I could, quotes come from many different people, passages, scriptures, and influencers that I could think of.




Taking one step at a time in 30 min increments seems like the best way for me to handle my massive day. Hopefully, this system will work for you as well.

Art Therapy

Coming from an art background, this is another thing that was very important that needed to be put in. Everyone needs some place to doodle, color in the lines...or outside of them. Bring a sense of joy and relaxation to your day and have fun!

Healthy Habits

Your health plays a HUGE roll in your productivity and success. Sucks but true. If you are not eating well, drinking enough water and sleeping good, then overall your productivity and overall level of your life will suffer. So we offered just small reminders to eat, drink and move throughout the day.

Debbie Collins

My journal is wonderful. I started writing on Saturday and find it VERY helpful to track not just what I do during the day, but it leads me to look at what I accomplished and how to use my time better. I feel this is a great tool, especially for those of us with a number of projects ongoing at one time. I am semi-retired, but am also seeing disabled veterans part-time, am certified as a chaplain and assist with case management. I can compartmentalize appointments in a more efficient way and the graphics make it fun! I thank you for this opportunity.

Debbie Collins

Sarah Hinton

I love that there’s room to write/journal as well as planning. Most planners don’t have much room for notes/writing. This feels like I can do everything in one place.

Sarah Hinton
The Serenity Bookkeeper

Sarah Hinton

I really love the end of week wrap up pages. Thinking about what I could do in the future to make my plans work out better next time felt really really useful. And looking at how I did over the week as a whole made me feel better about what I did accomplish rather than beating myself up over what I didn’t.

Sarah Hinton
The Serenity Bookkeeper