CGP Ep 011: Intentionality

Your listening to the Creative Guidance Podcast, Episode 11.

Today we talk about Intentionality. Stay tuned.

Hi, my name is Carrie Silverhorn, and I’ve been a graphic designer for nearly 20 years…it’s my passion to help business owners not only to overcome any business obstacles but to also come up with creative ways to achieve their goals and visions they have for their company. This is not just what I DO, this is what I LOVE.


In today’s podcast we talk about being intentional with your dreams. Writing them down…being specific. This word kept coming up for me this past week and especially when my husband and I were doing a self reiki healing session. I was like “what am I supposed to think about?” He answered with “your intentions”….well what does that mean?

Ask yourself what you want…

What do I want for my life, career, job, business, family, even dinner? Ask yourself what you want and need and then be prepared to answer those questions

Be specific on the answer…

When your out for dinner and the server comes to place your order do you say “oh just whatever”…or are you specific? Yes, you are…you want this item, cooked this way with none of this on the side, but add this please. Ok then, so same concept when it comes to setting intentions. Be specific when it comes to what life is asking you what you want.

Write it down!

Here comes the tricky part. You have to write it down. Taking the thought, idea or dream and then to leave it that way is non-productive. The simple act of taking the idea, grabbing a pen or pencil and writing that idea down into a journal or keepsake book MAKES that thought now a real action. The other day on a podcast, Rachel Hollis stated that she writes down that she DOES speak on Dave Ramsey’s stage everyday as if she is already doing it.

So for this week set a small intention and write it down…if its a home cooked meal…be specific and jot down everything you need for that meal. Then follow up with that intention and make sure your making it come to fruition.


Some wonderful people to follow on setting intentions are: Rachel Hollis, Oprah, Christy Wright, Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, James Wedmore, Christine Hassler, Chalene Johnson,

Hope this helps!

With much love and many blessings!

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