CGP Ep 010: How NOT to do Video

Your listening to the Creative Guidance Podcast, Episode 10.

Today we talk about how NOT to do video (trust me, I am an expert). Stay tuned.

Hi, my name is Carrie Silverhorn, and I’ve been a graphic designer for nearly 20 years…it’s my passion to help business owners not only to overcome any business obstacles but to also come up with creative ways to achieve their goals and visions they have for their company. This is not just what I DO, this is what I LOVE.

In today’s VIDEOCAST I talk about how NOT to do video. I know all about how not to do this…trust me. Doing videos are hard. Most people do not like seeing themselves on a screen unless you are just that into yourself, and most of us are super critical when it comes to what we say and how we say it. Raise your hand if you self-critic your own stuff (HAND UP). So it is real easy to fall into nervous habits (like my umms and ya knows) when doing a video.

This all takes time to work out and make second nature so no worries. Just give yourself a break and don’t think small and let fear be the driving force. However, here are some tips on what not to do…cuz I am have done all of them!

Tip #1

Eye contact people – Get a picture of your spouse, friend or something soothing and stick it to the top of your computer, phone or webcam! Then make eye contact with that picture. *Side note…do not use spouse that day if disgruntled (LOL)*. But this will give you something to focus on and not have your eyes wandering all over the place when it comes to doing your video.

Tip #2

Be Ready – Even if you have to edit the video later (for this videocast I used My Movie Maker), do not just have dead air space with *click *click *clicks in the background and you looking at your phone or screens and “waiting” for people to jump on. You start a live at 4…then start it. Remember, you have about 3-5 seconds to capture someone attention…then you have to hold it…so no dead air!

Tip #3

Acknowledging EVERYONE – Yes, people love to be acknowledged. But I have seen so many, high figure earners, start and stop their sentence 3 or 4 times because they were saying HI. Reminds me of the show where the guys nickname was “10 second Tom” (Bonus gift to anyone who can name the movie that comes from). So acknowledge the sum of the whole up front and ask for a LIKE or a HEART and then in the Q&A Section at the end of your video, call out individually per questions and give special thanks then.

Tip #4

Scripting – You are not on a syndicated network or at the Emmys…no reason to follow a teleprompter or script for your video. The pressure that puts on yourself is immense. Hit the major points with keywords and go from there. That way you can go back if need be if skipped and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!

But most of all Chillax my friend. You are essentially having a virtual conversation and there is already enough pressure! No need to add to it. The more you do the more will be done. And DONE is good when coming to your progression and journey. Done is better than stuck!

Hope this helps!

With much love and many blessings!

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