My Vision

My vision is to help you find your vision. I want to provide creative ways to assist you in all of your business needs and goals.



My Story

Carrie Silverhorn here....I am a Graphic Designer and Web Designer for now going on 18 years. While pregnant with my daughter I founded GET GraphiX. A new and edgy design firm that did everything and anything for anyone. Ran me ragged and drove me batty. One month before her 18th birthday I realized....this is no longer me. This is not my vision. I do not want to be doing all of these things for ALL of these clients. I want to serve. How can I best serve? How can I serve those who also serve? And that folks is what lead me to start Dream Keeper Designs. It is fitting since almost all of my creative ideas come to me via my dreams. Has since I was young and there is no stopping it. So, why not let this gift or talent be put to actual good use by helping those who need and want the help.



Things to know about me...
  • I am of Native American and Irish decent and member of the Eastern Shanwee Tribe of Oklahoma. I love being able to assist my tribe and other tribal entities with great ideas and great design.
  • I am a published artist, with painting awards and also from being the illustrator on a children's book. I attended art school in Santa Fe, NM in 97-98 and really honed in on my craft.
  • I really love creating. Whether it is art, painting, sculpting, designing....or yes, even home remodel (I am grounded from watching HGTV...for life). Which is why I love helping others with these creative ideas that are constantly bouncing around in my head.


Winner of the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s American Indian Heritage Month annual art contest for 2011

Hand selected as the Illustrator for 'The Story of Our Corn' for the Eastern Shawnee Tribe in 2016

The Dream Keepers

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